Simple and comfortable

1. Travelling by air

Thanks to low budget-airlines travelling has become easily accessible to anyone. We provide free airport transfer for patients whose dental treatments cost more than 1200 GBP / 1500 EUR.

We maintain a Mercedes B Class car to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible on the journey from the airport to our town. An experienced driver of Globe Dental will be waiting for you at the airport holding a card with your name and our logo. He will give you a package with information brochures, your first appointment at Globe Dental and a mobile phone for your stay, so that you can reach the clinic anytime you need to. You will be driven to the nice waterfront town where the clinic and the hotel are, and our staff member helps you check in.

2. Free dental shuttle

We have dental shuttles through some major European cities in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria free of charge for patients arriving to their dental treatments. Patients coming by our shuttle are awaited by our friendly and helpful customer service at the reception of our dentistry. She introduces the dentistry to the patients and informs them about the details of their treatment, payment and their stay.

Everything is arranged for you!

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