3D Implantation

Implant placement without cutting: gentle, quick and safe

Modern, digitally planned, efficient and predictable dental implant procedure with minimal inconvenience is now available at Globe Dental Implant Centres. Implant placement is an up to date solution for the replacement of your missing teeth. The implant’s position is the most important factor of the successful implantation.

No cutting: no postop symptoms, no swelling, no 1-2 weeks recovery time.

The position planning of a dental implant requires a very precise work. The individually manufactured surgical gumshield, called The Guide helps the implantologist to place the implant into the perfect position.

How is it possible?

Most of the implant surgeries take place on a traditional way, by hand with the help of a 2D panoramic x-ray. Digitally planned implant placement is a modern, up to date technology, allowing the implantologist to complete the perfect and precise planning and positioning on a computer, based on a 3D CT scan (made locally at our clinics)

Digitally planned implantation is recommended for the following patients:

  • you would like to have a quicker procedure with shorter healing time
  • you would like to have a 100% pain-free treatment
  • you have bone loss
  • you need more than one implant to be placed
  • you require sedation or general anaesthesia and you would like to minimize the time while being sedated
  • you have risk factors due to health conditions

The advantages of digitally planned implantation:

  • It’s the most up to date technology due to the highest quality 3D diagnostics
  • Minimizing the risk factors – we can avoid the risks and complications of traditional implantation thanks to the precise planning
  • Shorter surgery time – we provide shorter treatment time in the dental chair due to the modern preparation and high-tech surgical instruments
  • Minimal pain and postop symptoms – we don’t have to place any sutures so we can minimize the sensation of pain after the procedure. We work with a lot smaller wounds compared to the traditional implantation method.
  • No additional treatments – as we work with the advantages of the current anatomical situation

Implant placement has never been safer, more precise, less painful and more successful than with the technology of 3D implantation.

Steps of a 3D implantation

  • Free consultation with us in one of our dental centres in Balatonkenese, Zamárdi or Budapest / Visiting us for a free dental counselling in the UK*
  • Our implantologists prepare a detailed, individual treatment plan and price quotation for you
  • We prepare a CT scan of you for the 3D diagnostics – we exemine the area of the missing teeth, the balance of the bone and soft tissues. CT scan is absolutely painless and requires only a few seconds
  • Surgical planning on the computer – your implantologist plans the implant placement on the computer based on the CT scan. We are modelling the position and sizes of the implants, we are measuring the size and quality of the bone at surgical area and we are checking the positions of the nerve canals and sinus holes
  • Implant placement with the help of the Guide, you individually planned and prepared template. By using the Guide we can make sure that the implants are placed in the best position a shorter surgery appointment time causing minimal discomfort and inconvenience
  • Preparation of the final teeth – your dentist prepares the final work on the implants after the healing time is over

*we don’t have the possibility to prepare an x-ray or CT scan during your UK consultation

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