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Testimonials about implant

  • I’m 58 and I had been afraid of dental treatments for a very long time... I had several teeth missing and I had been longing for a nice smile, but unfortunately I couldn’t afford dental treatment here in the UK. A friend of mine recommended Globe Dental Clinic in Hungary and I checked the website. I asked for a price quote in e-mail. They replied quickly and precisely. I made up my mind to start my treatment. The whole process was very smooth and highly professional. I am absolutely satisfied with my new, confident smile. Now I’m able to chew my food again as I used to, before losing my own natural teeth!

    Eve 58 years old
  • I am very pleased that with implants, there was no need to cut down my adjacent teeth for bridgework. Implants were the best solution to have my missing teeth replaced

    Conan 37 years old
  • My parents had been living with missing teeth for a very-very long time, as a result of which their bone level decreased and now they can only wear removable dentures. I wanted to prevent this in my case, that’s why I have chosen implants, and the product of Straumann company, which also gives me lifetime guarantee.

    Jane 35 years old
  • Since I have implants, I have no tooth decay and maintaining good oral hygiene has become a lot easier

    Monica 29 years old
  • I’ve made some calculations to realise that in the long run, having dental implants is worth much more than bridges. Implants last significantly longer and don’t do any harm to the adjacent teeth.

    Peter 55 years old
  • At last my removable dentures don’t move anymore in my mouth as they used to and the surgery was not painful at all.

    John 65 years old
  • I used to have conventional dentures before, which I could never get used to. I couldn’t stand the feeling when it was moving around in my mouth and I hated denture adhesives too. My financial situation limited my choice from the possible dental treatments. A friend of mine also has overdentures, she told me that overdentures were less expensive. She is very satisfied ever since she had her implant-supported overdentures delivered, so I hoped it would be a good solution for me as well. I did not regret my decision, I am much more confident now, I can smile without hiding my teeth and I can eat any kind of food without being afraid that my dentures will move out of place. It is very easy to live with overdentures and they are really stabile, I love them.

    Margaret 50 years old

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