Deep anesthesia process

There are patients who for some reason require deep anesthesia during their treatment.

This might have several reasons:

  • there are people who previously have had some kind of trauma during dental treatment,therefore they are terrified only by mentioning the dentist .
  • some patients with abnormal nausea or suffering of uncontrolled retching
  • there are some who could not bear the sound of the drill
  • and it also happens that someone would want to be done more interventions in one session, their number may even be tripled under general anesthesia so busy business people often opt for this type of intervention

In all cases general anesthesia is carried out by an anesthesist specialist under modern technical conditions . Prior to treatment medical examination is required, it includes an EKG and a laboratory examination (blood tests of liver and kidney function, blood coagulation factors and to verify the level of serum ions).

 Six hours before the treatments it is strictly prohibited to eat, drink or smoke! In case of any colds, fever or flu-like symptoms, treatment deferral is needed because completely normal health condition is required for deep anesthesia. After interventions within 2 hours, observation may be needed for a few hours, longer treatments may  need up to 24 hours of observation.

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