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Ask For sedítion and your tretment will be 100% painless and you will not remember anything afterwards. Sedation is carried out and monitored by a trained anesthesiologist. No side effects. Any kind of treatment can be done under sedation.

Absolutely painless dental treatment: conscious sedation in dentistry

There are quite a lot of people among us whose unpleasant childhood memories at the dentist left an indelible mark on their mind: they are literally petrified by the mere thought of a dental treatment. Not being able to overcome their fear of what might happen during the treatment, many of them rather have even those teeth pulled out which could be saved, or they do not even see the dentist. The unpleasant odours and deterring sounds that sift through the door of the examination room triggers stress from the patients waiting outside.

We have the solution to avoid this feeling: conscious sedation at Globe Dental.

Our practice helps our over-stressed patients afraid of dentistry with the method of conscious sedation.

If the patient is under conscious sedation, the dentist can work more easily as well. During the treatment, patients are in a dazed state of mind, but they are capable of communication and cooperation. However, after coming to their senses, they don’t remember anything, just as if they had been asleep during the whole treatment. If you would like to have your treatment under conscious sedation, you need to consider that having finished, you still have a 1-hour-long period when you come to your senses, ” wake up”. Given this, you won’t be able to go home alone, you need to arrive with someone accompanying you. A great advantage of conscious sedation is the lack of bad memories and the well functioning basic reflexes during the treatment, which enables the patient to respond to the dentist’s questions and requests.

Things to know before sedation

globe_eber_szedacio To ensure total safety, you should not eat or drink anything 4 hours prior to the treatment. It is because during sedation, your awareness level decreases, therefore, coughing and swallowing cannot be controlled properly.

Things to know after sedation

Having finished, the patient still needs some time (about an hour) until they come to their senses, „wake up”. That is why you will need someone accompanying you, because you will not be able to drive a car or walk alone after conscious sedation. If you visit us alone, settle the details with your contact person and we will take care of everything (give you a lift back to the hotel, etc.). After the treatment under sedation, the patient is monitored for a time based on individual needs. On the day of the treatment, the patient should refrain from any further activities, it is recommended to stay at home and relax.

Are there any side effects?

The greatest advantage of sedation as opposed to total anesthesia is that it does not cause nausea, headache or dizziness. Sometimes a slightly numb feeling might occur. We have treated hundreds of patients under conscious sedation, all of them have recovered with no complications.

Are there any contraindications?

Patients with good general health and well-fixed blood pressure can be sedated safely. Before the treatment, the anesthesiologist assesses the patient’s health state. If there is any condition that affects general health state, it is the professional anesthesiologist who makes the decision whether the patient can be sedated or not. Children under 4 years of age and pregnant women cannot be sedated.

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