What is Lumineers?

Contact lens-thin porcelain veneers ,made from Cerinate, placed with a special bonding procedure on the teeth without removal of sensitive tooth structure,providing long lasting aesthetic correction.

When it is reccomended ?

  • in case of discolored,stained teethVeneers
  • undesirable shape,position, size of the teeth
  • damaged , injured teeth
  • chipped teeth or gaps between the front teeth
  • in case of small frontal teeth
  • in simpler cases for immediate orthodontic restorations
  • permanent teeth whitening
  • for reducing permanently sensitivity on affected teeth

Who  can get Lumineers veneers?

  • who has healthy teeth and gums
  • who has decay-free and treated teethveneers-2-before-and-after
  • in case of well-balanced or adjusted denture closure

Why  is  Lumineers special?

  • proven clinical durability for over 20 years
  • No sensitive  tooth reduction is necessary
  • painless
  • no need for anesthesia
  • after treatments it doesn’t occur sensibility
  • no need for temporaries
  • gentle procedure , doesn’t damage the teeths ,doesn’t cause any inflamations
  • almost unlimited aesthetic problems can be solved with this procedure

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