Patient information: after implantation

Things to pay attention to after surgery:

All oral surgery is done under local aenesthetic, therefore, you should not eat until it wears off because you might bite on your lips, tongue or mucous, which can cause slow-healing, painful wounds. The effect of the anesthetic wears off about three hours after surgery. If your surgery was done under sedation, you will be monitored afterwards for about half an hour, then someone will accompany you to the hotel.

Do not drive a car for some hours after sedation. Spend the day resting at home. After sinus lift surgery (adding bone to the upper jaw) do not blow your nose for 10 days. Sneeze only with your mouth open. Sleep with your head on a high pillow, do not hang your head and do not lean forward.

Use the post-surgery package you will be given as instructed by your dentist:

1. Antibiotics

1. Our dentists usually choose from two agents:
– Amoxicillin/clavulanic acid (e.g. Augmentin, Aktil, Curam Duo 1 gr.) Take 2 x 1 pills from these (one in the morning and one in the evening) until the whole pack is over.
– Klindamicin
(e.g. Dalacin, Klimicin 300 mg)
From these 3 x 1 (morning, noon, evening) have to be taken, or rarely 4 x

2. Our dentist gives you the most suitable painkiller.
If you feel pain, you can take a painkiller anytime remembering the daily maximum dose. In the days following surgery taking  painkillers uninterruptedly is also useful because of their anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Cool your face on the surgery sight from the outside with the ice pack.
The ice pack can be re-cooled in the fridge, you can use it all day after the surgery. Cool your face for 15-20 minutes, then take a rest of the same duration.

4. You also find antibacterial mouth rinse in the post-surgery package.
It is usually recommended to start rinsing only on the third or fourth day after the surgery.

Inconveniences that might occur

The surgery sight might swell, it might also discolour in some cases. To prevent this, remember to cool your face with ice.


Do not consume dairy and egg-containing products, do not chew on the surgery sight, avoid hard dishes that are hard to chew, such as meat, crispy vegetables, walnuts, peanuts, etc. Avoid spicy and chilly dishes for some days. It is highly recommended to avoid smoking, alcoholic beverages, coffee and black tea for at least 3 days after surgery.

Physical activity, work

Avoid hard physical activities, sport, lifting and sauna visits for three days after the surgery, since these can lead to bleeding. On the day following the operation try to avoid speaking as much as you can.

Dental hygiene

Proper dental hygiene is extremely important in the post-surgery phase. Regular and careful dental care is one of the most important presuppositions of a successful surgery. However, avoid rinsing for 2-3 days after the operation. On the fourth day, you can start rinsing with actibacterial mouthwash. Do not suck on your wound, since it can lead to bleeding. Try not to bite on the surgery sight. Do not touch the surgery sight neither with your fingers nor with your tongue.


Your dentist will provide you with information about suture removal. If you have self-dissolving sutures, you will be told when to come for the next check-up. Sutures will have to stay in place for at least 5 days after the surgery. If they get loose or fall out, inform your doctor immediately. Self-dissolving sutures absorb absolutely within 2-3 months on their own. Besides this general information remember your dentist’s instructions which are specific to your case. If you notice anything unusual, please contact us.