Patient information: before implantation

For the ideal outcome of treatments we regard patient information service as of the utmost importance. If you are undergoing any kind of oral surgery, implantation, etc, you are kindly asked to read through this brochure beforehand. Should you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Things to do before surgery:

Fill in the form which informs your dentist about your medical history. You need to answer questions about your past and current diseases, allergies and medication. If you take any medicines regularly, consult your doctor how to take them before your surgery. Before your operation you will be asked to sign an approved consent form as well.

Nutrition before surgery:

If you are not undergoing sedation, eat and drink as usual, do not fast beforehand. But if your treatment will take place under sedation, do not eat or drink anything before the operation. You will not be able to drive after sedation, so make sure there will be someone accompanying you (settle the details with your contact person).