Even a single missing tooth is important to be replaced , because in addtion to the aesthetic concern , can lead to a deterioration of the balance of the teeth.

The neighboring and the contralateral teeth can move, they rise out of their place, because of the contact points disruption of tooth, decay, gingivitis can occur and this can lead to tooth loss. The longer there a gap exists, the more difficult the preparation of denture is.

Dentures  cannot be absent form our demanding lives which aspires for a  good appearance. Nowadays dentures evolved extraordinary and satisfy almost all demands.

At Globe Dental Center we can offer all types of favorable solutions for restoring missing teeth. The longest lasting, to provide a lifetime solution are dental implants.

If you are interested in these options, click here to learn about these denture types.

Making dentures is preceded by a thorough examination and after possible preparations and creating  an appropriate oral hygiene, the dentist will offer  different possible options.

Removable replacements can be prepared if there are not enough teeth already to secure the restoration or retention of the dental bridge,or implant insertion is not possible.

In such cases, the existing teeth will be connected with a porcelain bridge than the removable part is linked to the fixed part with “invisible” fastening, this is called  combined denture.

Thereby providing a more stable and aesthetic restoration. In case of complete tooth loss full denture is prepared.

Fixed restorations, endow our patients  with an aesthetic lifelike smile.

Zirconium,metal free crowns in the mouth

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In addition to metal-ceramic crowns and bridges we prepare metal-free restorations as well. These allergy-free bridges are very important for our allergic to metal patients. Besides  these solutions,our dentistry provides possibility to prepare gold ceramic, titanium ceramic and zirconia ceramic restorations as well.

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