Professional tooth whitening

First impressions do matter. Those with a dazzling smile demonstrate self-confidence in establishing contacts with people. This In comparison with other methods the new and improved professional teeth whitening treatment (takes an hour) requires only a single appointment at your dentist. may be important to you as well.


– it is more effective than other methods 

– does not harm the enamel, no harm done to crowns or dental fillings

– during the treatment you can relax by listening to music or watching a film.

– has a long-lasting effect (3 years), provided you maintain a proper oral hygiene and you cut down on drinks and food staining your teeth.

– Our method is effective, fast and painless.

Short treatment, long-lasting effect, esthetic teeth for 3 years!

Whiter teeth in about an hour and all this without a difficulty! Easy as pie…

Safe and infallible

Clinical studies support that these methods are absolutely safe, does no harm to dental filling and crowns in the mouth.

You are just an hour away from a beautiful smile…

Years of yellowing as well as staining from coffee, tea, red wine and smoking are effectively erased in an hour.

The treatment does not take longer than a good lunch or an appointment at your hairdresser’s or beautician’s.

Clinical experts and doctors who thoroughly examined each phase of the professional teeth whitening method agree upon its safety and infallibility.

Questions  and answers

What happens during the whitening treatment?

– First, a “Before” picture is taken to make the effect visible after the treatment.
– Your gums and tongue are protected with isolation material.
– The whitening gel is applied directly and activated by the light source for a period of 20 minutes. Depending on the discolouration of your teeth, this process may be repeated 2-3 times. During this period you can relax by listening to music or watching a film.
– Your “After” picture is taken.

How white will my teeth get?
Clinical tests have proved that the treatment gets teeth whiter by several shades. Obviously, the result may depend on the actual tone of your teeth and how your teeth respond to the treatment. During the preliminary examinations your dentist will draw your attention to the individual features.

How will the treatment affect dental crowns and filling in the mouth?

It will not affect crowns and filling. Your dentist will advise you in the matter of tone differences.

How long will the effect last?

The durability of the outcome may be affected by individual eating and brushing habits. Primarily, the consumption of coffee, tea as well as smoking may cause the teeth to discolour sooner. This effect may be lessened by regular oral care and professional cleaning. Your dentist will provide you with guidelines for a more durable outcome.

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