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How much does a premium quality dental implant cost?

globedental_balatonkenese (16 of 16)“My life has changed since I chose implants and I don’t have to wear dentures.”

Globe Dental works with various types of dental implants. If the patient’s budget affords it, we recommend the worldwide number one Straumann dental implants. What else could prove the bombproof quality more than the fact that the company itself assumes lifetime warranty for the implants?

You got it right! Warranty for a lifetime.

That means, should any problems arise or should an implant fall out anytime in your life, you get your new implant from the Straumann company free of charge. Straumann also produces several types of implants. Your implantologist will decide which one is recommended for you based on your X-ray and a throughout physical examination.

Costs: Straumann dental implants are available from 675 GBP / 785 EUR, the Straumann abutments placed onto these are available from 390 GBP / 450 EUR.

How much does a reliable but not premium quality dental implant cost?

Of course we also find the best solution for patients who cannot afford premium quality, but who would still like to have dental implants for replacing their missing teeth. If you belong to this group, budget-friendly implants are the perfect solution for you. We use the implants of Swiss and German companies (like SGS Switzerland), which are classified as a reliable medium quality. 5-year-long warranty is assumed on these implants.

Costs: budget-friendly dental implants are available from 515 GBP / 590 EUR, the abutments placed onto these are available from 215 GBP / 250 EUR.

In case of total edentulousness, implant-supported removable dentures are available from 2490 EUR / jaw.(provided that the stabilisation of the dentures can be carried out with 2 implants / jaw in the specific case)

SPECIAL OFFER: You already have a quote from another clinic?

Probably we can offer you a better price for your treatment. Why?

It’s quite simple and logical: we have got on own dental laboratory under the very same roof where the clinic is, so we do not have to pay unreasonably high fees for other dental laboratories and technicians. That is why we can be flexible with our prices without compromising on quality.

Contact us and we can offer you a better price for your treatment than other clinics already might have done.

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