Dental restorations with implants

What kinds of implant-supported dental restorations are there?

Both fixed and removable dental restorations are feasible with dental implants.

1. Fixed dental restorations

Fixed dental restorations are cemented or screwed in the jaw and cannot be pulled out, they can only be removed by a dentist. Implant-supported crowns and bridges are such restorations. These restorations are like regaining your own natural teeth.

2. Removable dental restorations

Removable dentures have to be pulled out and cleaned daily. When stabilised with implants, they are better fixed in the mouth than conventional dentures. (Conventional dentures are kept in place only by the gums, they often move in the mouth, thus, patients do not like them)
Implant-supported removable dentures do not move, they make you more self-confident and you do not need to use adhesives anymore.

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