Immediate loading on 4 or 6 implants

Traditional dentures without implants are nowadays considered a really old-fashioned solution. Polls indicate that 85% of people wearing traditional dentures feel that the removable solution is not comfortable and not suitable for long-term everyday use.

What do we recommend you to be absolutely satisfied, to regain your youthful smile and to be able to enjoy your meals as before?

This technology is the most widely spread implantation system all over the world. It is a modern, fixed solution for previously edentulous patients. If the bone quantity is not sufficient in the molar area, implants are placed with his special technique only in the front region.

The greatest advantage of this implant system is that the whole procedure can be implemented within a short period of time . Moreover, bone graft can be avoided and fixed replacement can be made even for the healing period after the surgery.

The result is a fixed bridge supported by 4 or 6 implants, which solves difficult cases when there is no sufficient bone quantity in the back molar region and the patient does not want removable dentures.

The pressure on the bridge is distributed equally due to the specially angled implants, therefore, fixed full bridge can be prepared even if the posterior molar region is not suitable for implantation.

Longevity, durability, natural aesthetics… go for it!

  • Bright and natural smile

  • Improved quality of life

  • Enjoy your meal, smile and speak you did before

  • Regain your self-confidence

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