Implant-supported removable dentures

Outdated solution: loose dentures

Full removable dentures can be an everyday pain in the neck. It makes normal chewing impossible, you cannot enjoy the taste of food due to its palatal plate, heat and cold sensations also get worse, moreover, it keeps moving which is really annoying. You can never get used to these inconveniences.

Neither denture adhesives work out: it is a real chore to clean that sticky material and it does not last too long… More importantly, gum recession makes its yearly reline necessary, to keep its position in the mouth.

Modern solution: overdentures with the insertion of dental implants

Denture stabilisation with dental implants

You would not believe how much better you could use your dentures if they were stabilised with implants, even two or four of them. This totally puts an end to denture movements. No need to use denture adhesives, no need for palatal plate, like in case of conventional dentures. Thus, your taste-, heat- and cold sensations will improve. You wil be able to chew just as before losing your own teeth.

You are recommended this solution if you would like a good, yet economic solution for stabilising your conventional removable dentures.

Why are these implant-supported overdentures solution less expensive than a fixed prosthesis with implants?

  • Less implants are needed

  • Teeth are made from plastic instead of porcelain

1. Dentures with ball (push-button) and locator attachments

Removable dentures supported by 2 or 4 implants


 Lower denture with ball attachment (push-button)   Upper denture with locator attachment

2. Bar-retained overdentures: with the insertion of 4 implants

stég-3 stég-2 stég-1

Treatment procedure

The whole treatment is made up of 2 visits. Permanent dentures are delivered 3-4 months following the insertion of implants. Overdentures also need to be removed and cleaned every day, but they feel absolutely stabile in the mouth and need less space than conventional dentures.

Benefits of implant-supported dentures as opposed to conventional dentures

1. No palatal coverage
2. Improves quality of life
3. Stabilises dentures, you don’t need to worry about your dentures becoming loose
4.  You can chew as never before with your conventional dentures
5.  No adhesives anymore
6.  Better taste-, heat- and cold sensations in the mouth
7.  Less implants are needed, therefore, more economic

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