Premium quality

If you would rather go for the best solution, we recommend you the worldwide number one Straumann dental implants.

The reliable Swiss dental implant, Straumann, is the result of more than 30 years of experience and endless research. With this system, all kinds of tooth replacements can be solved: from a single missing tooth to total tooth loss.

Why choose premium quality?

1. Reliability, highest patient satisfaction

Straumann dental implants are produced by a reliable Swiss company.

With more than 30 years of successful presence, Straumann is now the absolute leader on the market. Official Straumann representatives and dental professionals are available in 60 countries worldwide. Scientifically proven system, premium quality implants, highest success rate: more than 4 millions of patiens worldwide.

2. Lifetime guarantee

We offer lifetime guarantee for Straumann dental implants

We offer lifetime guarantee for Straumann dental implants, as opposed to the other systems with 3-5 years of guarantee. That means, should you have any problems with a Straumann implant whenever in your life, and it needs to be replaced, you do not have to pay for the material costs of the new implant.

3. Just like regaining your own natural teeth

Bone Level implants

Bone Level implants grant such precision and aesthetics as that of a Swiss clock. The final tooth replacements will look and feel like the natural teeth.

4. Unique surface, quicker result

Straumann is the only dental implant company

Straumann is the only dental implant company that produces a special type of implant with a so-called hydrofil SLActive surface. This surface enables quicker and stronger osseointegration (bone integration). You do not have to wait for long months, final tooth replacement can often be delivered 3-4 months following the implantation surgery.

5. Stronger than titanium: Roxolid dental implants

Roxolid dental implants are the first

Roxolid dental implants are the first allow of titanium and Roxolid zirconium, which is also a unique patent of the Straumann company. This implant has the benefits of both zirconium and titanuim, therefore it is extremely wear-resistant. Furthermore, SLActive surface means not only a strong, but also a quick prosthetic solution. It is particularly worth choosing Roxolid implants in case of bone loss.

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