Traditional dental implants, economic solutions

What does “traditional” mean?

In case of traditional, two-phase dental implants, the permanent tooth replacement is delivered 3-12 months following the implantation surgery. The dental market abounds in different implant products, from which we strictly adhere to using titanium implants of highly reliable quality.

Cheaper price equals poor quality?

Like every single product in life, for instance cars or detergents, dental implants on the market also largely vary in quality. Consumers buy cars for the very same purpose: to get from A to B, and they all use detergents to keep their clothing clean. However, we have all experienced how huge the difference can be between the quality of different products.
In case of dental implants, this difference in quality is made up of many components, such as clinical research, surface treatment, bone integration time, neck form and system complexity.
These factors are reflected in the long-term result of the implantation, guarantee length and price.
All in all, it is common knowledge that the very cheap products eventually cost much more…

This is the very reason why our clinic refrains from the cheapest dental implants and offers only the medium price category and the premium quality as an option (which – thanks to beneficial tax regulations and lower labour costs – still costs much less in Hungary than in the UK, US or Ireland).

Reliable quality, reasonable price

Hundreds of thousands of oral surgeons worldwide use SGS Switzerland dental implants, which were approved by the FDA in the USA and by the CE in Europe. SGS Switzerland system suits the most severe international regulations.

SGS Switzerland dental implants can be a solution in most cases.

They are made up of 3 parts:

  • Crown
  • Implant abutment / head
  • Artificial root

If you cannot afford premium quality, go for SGS Switzerland dental implants, which ”feel” the same as natural teeth. It is worth choosing this option instead of living with missing teeth or dentures that keep moving in your mouth. Both can be very annoying in your everyday life…

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