Things to know about dental implants

1. Parts of dental implants

An implanted tooth is made up of three parts:

1. the artificial root, that is, the implant itself
2. the abutment, that is, the implant head
3. and the crown.

2. What is the difference between a single-phase implant and a two-phase implant?

Single phase implants: the artificial root and the abutment are not different parts, but a single unit. In this case, after the surgery, a crown (usually temporary) is placed on the abutment component (which is above the gum) of the unit. These are the so-called immediate-load implants.

Two-phase dental implants: the artificial root and the abutment are two different units. In this case, after the surgery, the gums are closed with sutures while the artificial root is healing in the bone.

3.  Dental implantation based on the time of implant insertion 

  • Immediate implantation: the tooth extraction and the implantation take place during the same treatment
  • Delayed implantation:  Delayed implantation: insertion of the artificial root can take place 4-8 weeks following the tooth extraction
  • Late implantation:  after the tooth has been extracted, at least 3 months have to pass before the implantation surgery

4.  Dental implants based on tooth replacement time

  • Immediate loading
    Tooth replacement is done within 48-72 hours following implantation.
  • Early loading
    Tooth replacement is done after 48 hours, but within 3 months following implantation
  • Delayed loading
    Permanent tooth replacement is done after 3-6 months of healing time.

5. Dental implant abutment materials

  • Zirconium implant abutment
    In the aesthetically important front zone we recommend perfect looking white zirconium implant heads
  • Titanium implant abutment
    In the back, molar area we recommend strong, highly strain-resistant implant heads made of pure titanium

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