What is a dental implant?

implant-1A dental implant is the most modern method to replace missing teeth. It is a procedure with outstanding long-term sufficiency, which does not harm the adjacent teeth.

Implants are artificial roots made of tissue-friendly, biomaterials (titanium). Dental implants are inserted in the jaw with oral surgery, and the tooth replacement is placed onto this “root”.

One missing tooth? More missing teeth?

Tired of hiding your mouth while you’re smiling?

Tired of your dentures as they keep moving in your mouth?

Cannot enjoy your meals?

Are you afraid that someone sees you when you’re not wearing your dentures?

If you go for dental implants, these problems will be gone in an instant.

implantat-aufbau”I have serious dental problems and quite a few missing teeth… What solutions can Globe Dental offer to me? ”

Forget about removable dentures and unpleasant adhesives, forget about grinding down adjacent
healthy teeth for conventional bridgework: Lifelong solution for every missing teeth (single,
multiple, or total edentulousness)

Being an expert in dental implantology, Globe Dental recommends you different dental implants in different
price ranges. We only work with worldwide known and acknowledged Swiss and German implants, such as
that of the Straumann company, which also grants you lifelong warranty for its products.