Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment (also called endodontics) is required when the nerve or blood supply of the tooth is infectedthrough decay or injury. The infection may spread through theroot canal system of the tooth.gyökér-2

This could eventually lead to an abscess.

 Why to have Root Canal Treatment?

If root canal treatment is not carried out, the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be removed. Although some patients might prefer an extraction, it is usually best to keep as many natural teeth as possible.gyökér-1

At the first appointment, the infected pulp is removed. Any abscesses which may be present can also be drained at this time. The root canal is then cleaned and shaped ready for the filling. A temporary filling is inserted and the tooth is left to settle.

The tooth is checked at a later visit, and when all infection has cleared the tooth is permanently filled.

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